How you can help Shibas in need?

MSIR's Olie

MSIR's Olie

Foster a Shiba

Every dog that we take in needs a foster home to give it loving care while it is waiting to go to its new home.  Foster homes are the cornerstone of our organization and are what we most desperately need.  All you need to be a foster home is an appropriate place to keep a dog, time to spend with your foster dog, and a heart big enough to love a dog that is facing a big transition.  Many of our foster dogs need training and extra care, but in addition to knowing that you are helping to save a dog, you will be repaid in the love of a Shiba.

A lot of people think they couldn't foster because they would grow too attached to the Shiba before placement. But remember, if people who love Shibas won't foster other Shibas in need, who will??

For more information about becoming a foster home, please fill out a Foster Application and then email our Foster Home Coordinator. One of our volunteers will contact you to discuss the fostering process. 

Volunteer for MSIR

MSIR is a completely volunteer run organization and we need volunteers in most any area!  There are many ways to help, from making phone calls, helping to transport dogs, screening new adoptive homes, writing articles for Facebook, helping with special events, working with vets to make sure we get the best care at the best prices to coordinating a fundraising event!  Your efforts can be as minimal or extensive as you want.  We'd love your help, whatever you can give and whatever you can do.

For more information on volunteering for MSIR, please fill out a Volunteer Form and contact our Volunteer Coordinator.