MSIR Alum, Jackson

MSIR Alum, Jackson

We have a network of volunteers who work together to make sure that every Shiba Inu has a loving, lifelong home. Most of us are Shiba owners and have firsthand knowledge of both how wonderful they are and how much of a responsibility owning a primitive breed is. Most of us got involved in rescue because we could not bear the thought of Shibas without homes, because we know how much love they have to give to the right family.

We are a non-profit corporation. All of the money we take in is used to help dogs directly or to fund our organization (buying supplies, supporting a website, etc.).

MSIR takes in dogs from owners who don't want them or can't keep them, as well as dogs from the county pound and other animal shelters. Many dogs we take in are young adults, who have outgrown their puppy cuteness, and are ready to be taught some manners.  We also take in dogs of all ages with special needs, and seniors in need of furever homes to live out their lives.

After MSIR takes in a dog, it is given a veterinary exam to make sure that it is healthy. We also update the dog's immunizations, spay or neuter the dog if it has not already been done, and then microchip the dog in MSIR's name. Spaying and neutering not only helps prevent pet overpopulation, but also lowers the dog's risk of contracting reproductive diseases later in life.

Typically, the dog is then placed in a foster home. The foster home provides temporary care for the dog until a new owner can be found. The foster home also evaluates the dog's temperament and behavior, so that we can find just the right family for that particular dog.

We have other volunteers who take applications from those wanting to adopt. Once a home is found to be suitable, the dog will go home!

But, our job is not over. We also follow up with adoptive families to give them support with their new family member. We want to make sure that both the family and the dog are doing well.

Once we are sure the dog has been placed, it's time to go rescue another Shiba!