• Est. birth date: 10/29/2015

  • Female, spayed

  • 28 lbs

  • Microchipped

  • Heartworm negative

  • Current on vaccinations

  • Adoption Fees

Bettie is fostered in Burtchville, MI. 

Yuki is a mild-mannered three-year-old that came into rescue recently. Unfortunately, her family had some personal medical issues and found themselves unable to give Yuki the life she wanted to live as a young girl.

Yuki is a big fan of going for multiple walks a day and exploring the big world around her. She is a true lady on the leash and always polite. She quietly peruses the sights around her, taking it all in and breathing in the fresh air.  She feels equally connected to women and men and is a quiet presence in the home. She will casually take her place on the couch next to her person, enjoying the company. Yuki does also enjoy the comfort of her crate (ideally with a big, fluffy blanket...Yuki’s request) and will curl up in there for naps when she feels a yawn coming on. Yuki is completely potty trained.  She gets along well with other dogs and cats and in her former home, visited dog parks several times a week to play with dog friends.  

Yuki is looking for her forever home where she can soak up all the love and walks she desires! If you feel you are the ideal home for Yuki, email her foster mom at shylah.eagle@gmail.com to learn more!


Any one interested in adopting this dog must first complete an adoption application indicating the name of the dog(s) they are interested in learning more about.  Once the adoption application is received, our adoption coordinator will contact you.  You must respond to this email to set up your home visit and complete the approval process.  The entire adoption process is outlined on our web site.

NOTE: Due to the breed's independent and prey driven nature, Shibas should ALWAYS be leashed whenever they are outside of a securely fenced area.  In addition, many Shibas are door bolters and care should be taken around doors and other escape points.