• Est. birth date: 02/02/2008
  • Male, neutered
  • 17.6 lbs
  • Microchipped
  • Heartworm negative
  • Current on vaccinations
  • Adoption Fees

Nicky is a Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue dog fostered in Omaha, Nebraska.

Nicky is a friendly and outgoing guy who loves to snuggle. He gets along with dogs, cats and people, however he loves his humans the most. Nicky has not been tested with children. 

Nicky was a backyard breeder stud for most of his life. But that does not get him down at all. He is all smiles and kisses pretty much all of the time. His little tail is literally always wagging!

Nicky is a fantastic dog. He has the spirit of a curious, cuddly and happy puppy. He loves to sleep next to you at night and be by your side all day long. He would be fantastic for a knowledgeable shiba inu home or a brand new shiba inu home. He does have a grade 3 luxating patella and some arthritis in his back leg. The vet said that since he was 9 years old and it doesn't seem to bother him, the recommendation was not to do surgery - as it could cause more arthritis and leg issues in the long term. So he will not be running marathons or hiking up the Rockies any time soon, as much as he would really want to...His new human must keep him from overexercising his leg. He is more than happy to go for short walks, romp the yard and be playful with toys.  

He also had a couple of teeth removed, which doesn't seem to bother him when he eats at all. He is currently on a "no wheat/no corn/no soy" dry kibble. He is fairly skinny, and we are trying to fatten him up a bit. 

Nicky did not really know how to use stairs when he came to us. Due to this, we are looking for an adoptive home that has few stairs or a walk out porch. We've worked with him on how to go up and down our porch steps. He is doing really good, but has stumbled up the stairs a few times. Nicky is working on a routine potty schedule. He was almost potty trained when he arrived to our foster home, but he has had a couple of leg lifting incidents. But that was when we first began fostering him. 

He has some manner issues that we are trying to address. Nicky will go for any food bowl and begin eating. He will try to grab every treat. This has made my more protective female shibas aggressive towards him. He is a non dominate male and will take it from my female shibas, but I have to watch that they aren't beating up on him. My dogs have become a bit jealous with the time and attention that Nicky craves. He could be easily companion-ed with a laid back dog or a senior dog owner. 

Sweet Nicky is looking for a forever home that loves cuddles, snuggles and kisses and that can give him tons of affection. Nicky is a ladies man for sure. He likes men too, but seems to be a bit head shy with them. But with his loving nature, he gets used to men quickly. He wants to get into the bed every single night to sleep next to you. He adores being doted on. He loves toys with squeakers and likes to squeak them in the dead of the night...haha. He is highly entertaining. 

He would make an excellent shiba for anyone looking for an amazing and sweet little boy. His forever home is going to be so lucky to have him, he is an absolute gem. For more information on Nicky, you can contact his foster family at


Any one interested in adopting this dog must first complete an adoption application indicating the name of the dog(s) they are interested in learning more about.  Once the adoption application is received, our adoption coordinator will contact you.  You must respond to this email to set up your home visit and complete the approval process.  The entire adoption process is outlined on our web site.

NOTE: Due to the breed's independent and prey driven nature, Shibas should ALWAYS be leashed whenever they are outside of a securely fenced area.  In addition, many Shibas are door bolters and care should be taken around doors and other escape points.