Mollie Ann


  • Est. birth date: 1/12/2011
  • Female, spayed
  • 40 lbs (working on weight loss)
  • Microchipped
  • Heartworm negative
  • Current on vaccinations
  • Adoption Fees

Mollie Ann is fostered in Lake Bluff, Illinois. 

This charmer knows she's got it and is not afraid to flaunt it. Mollie Ann seeks an experienced new family who can spoil her beyond her wildest dreams. 

Miss Mollie Ann was recently released from a humane society, not a lot is known about her background before that.  But, since coming into our foster home she is a cuddle bug extraordinaire.  When first arriving in foster care Mollie Ann was definitely a “Curvy Girl”, obviously overfed and under exercised before arriving at the humane society.  One of the first things we did was begin her on a diet that includes shredded carrots and spinach. She is progressing steadily on her weight loss and hopes her furever home will continue to help her lose weight.

Mollie Ann does great on her walks and doesn’t pull or chase the squirrels or rabbits.  She is house-trained and will let you know with a little paw on your arm or leg saying I need to go out, then walking to the door to wait for you.  Mollie loves to hang out on the couch or lay on the floor near her family.  She will cuddle with you as long as you’ll let her especially if you’re giving her belly rubs.  But be warned she is a little bit of a bed hog.  She seems to know the basic commands such as sit and sometimes even comes when called.  She actually likes her condo but definitely does prefer the door open.  She can get pretty vocal for the first couple of minutes if the door is closed. Because of her weight she’s not the biggest fan of stairs.  She will and can climb them, but would prefer staying on one level or using an elevator until she loses a few more pounds. 

Some of my favorite things to do: 
•    Laying on the couch next to someone
•    Chewing on my squeaky toys
•    Going for walks
•    Going to work with daddy
•    Car Rides
•    Getting my belly rub
•    Hanging out on social media with my friends
•    Taking baths (yes, I actually like taking baths)

I’ve met other dogs on my walks in the neighborhood and behaved fantastic according to Foster Daddy.  No aggression, not even with the females. But at home I’d prefer being an only dog or maybe a fur-brother might be nice.  I’ve visited a home with cats with Foster Momma and Daddy and did well with them.  Basically we ignored each other.  I’ve let the neighborhood kids pet me and give me belly rubs, so I might like having human siblings, if they aren’t real young.  

If you’d like to follow my weight loss and personal journey on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, please search for #curvygirlMollieAnn.

Please email my foster parents at for more information.  Mollie Ann is longing to be the your loved one.  If you can give her that, then you can give her the miracle of a furever home. Hope to hear from you soon!


Any one interested in adopting this dog must first complete an adoption application indicating the name of the dog(s) they are interested in learning more about.  Once the adoption application is received, our adoption coordinator will contact you.  You must respond to this email to set up your home visit and complete the approval process.  The entire adoption process is outlined on our web site.

NOTE: Due to the breed's independent and prey driven nature, Shibas should ALWAYS be leashed whenever they are outside of a securely fenced area.  In addition, many Shibas are door bolters and care should be taken around doors and other escape points.