• Est. birth date: 01/25/2012
  • Female, Spayed
  • 22 lbs
  • Microchipped
  • Heartworm negative
  • Current on vaccinations
  • Adoption Fees

Akira is a Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue dog fostered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Akira is a beautiful and sweet 5-year-old that was recently released from a commercial breeder and as a result, is extremely shy and timid.  She will need some extra time and patience to develop trust with humans.  She needs loving, patient adopters that will help her learn to trust people.  Akira has been slowly warming up to her foster family and she has shown a lot of progress as she gets a little more brave and trusts a little more each week. 

Akira is getting used to walking daily on a leash and loves to take walks on quiet side streets or parks.  A securely fenced in yard is a must since new sounds and people easily startle her, after all so much is new to her.  She especially loves being outside where she loves to run, jump and fully explore everything she can.  She will really love it if her adopted family can spend lots of time with her in her yard as she likes to stay close by someone she trusts and even sometimes plays with them by running around them in circles! 

She needs a home that is usually calm and quiet and she seems to feel safer with women than men.  It takes her some extra time to trust men, so an all-male home is not a good fit for her.  When inside, Akira likes to find a few safe spots that she feels more secure and tends to stay put there but she does venture out when it's quiet or when she finds something particularly interesting.  She gets a little less shy as time goes on.  

Akira is house trained and has had no accidents in her foster home.  She gets along well with other dogs and cats and has made several dog friends around the neighborhood.  She would do well with other respectful dogs or even as the only dog so she can get all of the attention.  Akira is very comfortable being in her crate but also enjoys laying on a soft blanket or couch to take a nap.

Akira is looking for someone to follow around the house, someone to enjoy walks with, and a human to snuggle and take naps with.  Once she is fully comfortable, she will adore her family and look for lots of love and will give that love right back to you.

She is currently being fostered in Cedar Rapids, IA.  If you are willing to open up your home to this sweet dog, email her foster mom at msccarder@gmail.com to learn more and meet her!


Any one interested in adopting this dog must first complete an adoption application indicating the name of the dog(s) they are interested in learning more about.  Once the adoption application is received, our adoption coordinator will contact you.  You must respond to this email to set up your home visit and complete the approval process.  The entire adoption process is outlined on our web site.

NOTE: Due to the breed's independent and prey driven nature, Shibas should ALWAYS be leashed whenever they are outside of a securely fenced area.  In addition, many Shibas are door bolters and care should be taken around doors and other escape points.